SDR Diary — Month 4

Move fast and break things. I have always wondered…If you are breaking things does that necessarily mean that you are moving fast?

  1. I slightly shifted my gear into a phone first approach! Pick up the phone and call! You are going to interrupt them via email anyway, hiding behind that email barrier is not helping anyone. what takes 10 emails and 10 days can be done with a 5-minute phone call — Courtesy, David Glickman!
  2. Something else David says…1 in 3 decision makers you prospect using the phone will agree to a meeting. The second one might straight-up decline on you, the third one might need a little more finessing.
  3. Something else i wanted to bring up was the importance of following up.I started sending out follow up notes to those who look like they might be in the market for a solution similar to what we offer, but also give me radio silence on my first Linkedin DMs, vidyards or highly personalised emails
  4. Full disclosure, my last week was tough, not a lot of response and mostly bad apples in my lead list. Sales is like a sine wave, with fair shares of ups and downs. I guess that's just life. So i started off this week thinking to myself, ‘hey, keep at it’

As a winding note, another learning from the sales meetings at Outplay and the podcasts, I listen to, I am beginning to see that a lot of our success in prospecting has had more to do with our knowing how to deal with our ‘not knowing’ than anything we already know.

That's all for today! See ya next week

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