SDR Diary — Month 3 Outplay

When you are growing at a breakneck pace and are fully remote with 100% distributed teams, data infrastructure is of vital importance! Let me rephrase- Its a 3x more important than if everyone is physically working out of one location.

This is my Month 3 at Outplay and here are some of what we follow here at Outplay to crush our Quota!

  1. I structure my day and work it like a rhythm and the results?…consistent. If not compounding. No joke there.
  2. I learnt it the hard way that prospecting an unqualified lead is like amplifying a turd, you'll end up with a bigger turd. (These turds typically appear in the form of — no response, ‘take me off your list’, cancelled/declined meetings, radio silence after the first meeting, churn after the first month of payment, worse….a poor customer review after a few months of usage. because well, it wasn’t a fit.
  3. We are now going after different verticals and a long conversation I had with a thought leader at a fintech space and gave me deep insights into their pain points and what are they trying to solve. I started following his activity on Linkedin and the content he creates. This helps me refine my outreach into space he is from, like curating emails, messaging etc
  4. Time blocking. It massively helps me day-to-day when I block my calendar for 60 minutes, power dialling, take a 10-minute break and move into Linkedin video prospecting. I feel context switching is draining and time blocking helps me stay focussed and quickly get the tasks in hand out of my way.

As a closing note, I am personally shameless about getting feedback. From prospects emails, my mentors, senior colleagues, my founder. Even my Mom! I think taking the time to develop yourself by learning from your mistakes can ensure you build a culture of learning and growing! Who doesn’t want that?

That is all for today with my learnings! See you next week!

Product, Growth & Acoustic Guitar!