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This was the first line of code I typed into a C++ editor.

Buckminister fuller (An American Inventor) said back in the day that with science & technology, we are getting better and better at doing more and more with less and less until one day we will be able to do everything with essentially nothing.

Look around you, we have 2 economies now. One is bit-based and the other is atom-based.

Knowledge workers work in a bit-based economy where the physical footprint is less or sometimes non-existent.

Think ‘Work From Home’, our office's buildings, physical meeting rooms, desks, watercoolers…

the first 20 minutes of thee hour long WWDC21 was about how video brings people together and makes it all a little more human and make you feel connected no matter the distance.

What about using video sales? Personalizing your email is no more to going to make you “stand out” or “cut through the noise”. Why? because everyone is doing it.

But how easy is it to put your face to that email? Attach a video and send it across. At Outplay, we have turned to video.

Outplay video prospecting. Expermiented, Measured, practised, tested.

I am excited! About the…

I want to talk about Situation Questions. Asking them is important but asking too many can quickly erode your credibility as a sales rep in front of your buyer. You know when you call up someone and they hang up? Yea that part…

Something I have learnt by listening to calls by successful sales reps is that their questions have a neutral tone to them. Its like trying to place your finger on an arbitrary starting point of the conversation and driving the rest of the call towards the direction the prospect responds to you.

If the prospect responds to…

I have been selling technology for quite some time now. I used to wonder, why does it typically take multiple “touches” for a prospect to go from the stage — Unaware — Aware — Interested — Purchase. Why does it have to be so complex?

If the technology you are offering solves a pain that is bigger than its cost, you have a sale…cha-ching! cha-ching!

So you can either reduce the cost or develop their pain/problem.

That is what we have been doing here via our multi-touch omnichannel prospecting. …

Welcome to SDR diary, episode 25 at Outplay

What makes a good salesperson? I think you have to focus on your buyer’s needs. Pick up on their needs when you talk to them over a call.

We have been working on some mind maps here and

There are two kinds of needs

  1. Implied need — listen to them express their feelings of dissatisfaction/difficulty
  2. Explicit need — listen to a direct statement they make

Unless you inflate their need, from stage implied to stage explicit, they wouldn’t feel the need to talk to you let alone make a purchase. Remember when…

Take a deep breath and hit that reset button….did you crush your quota in Q1? Good, write down everything you did right and repeat. You didn’t? write everything that went wrong and try not to repeat!

I have a notebook apart from my SDR Diary videos. Notes in that diary i use for incrementally improving my game. I pick up a ton of new techniques from almost every call here at Outplay.

I am blessed to be working around some of the sharpest minds in the business.

So i picked up this one thing from Q1 of 2021 and have…

It's been about a year since everyone including me moved our workstations into our homes. Selling from home has been different in many ways for me. Here is how I have been able to ride this wave as opposed to getting smashed by it.

The following are the steps I took to instil discipline into my day. Because it has been business as usual no matter where I sat to work.

  1. A pair of noise cancellation headphones
  2. My yoga mat, I travel with it now
  3. Meditation tracks — Investing 30 minutes a day to meditate has helped give me clarity…

I think, as salespeople, we are very similar to entrepreneurs, constantly experimenting to see what works. A sales rep is the CEO of his pipeline and sometimes not all factors are in your control when it comes to conversions. I think having a framework & embracing uncertainty can go a long way! And personally, I am always thinking of how to get better at building and maintaining my pipeline!

Here at Outplay, we have been constantly running a ton of experiments and doing all that research to

  1. Improve the efficiency of our conversions, from the top to the bottom of…

Salespeople should be able to deliver a delightful experience in order to maximise revenue output

We started of as SDRs the initial goal was to fill the AEs calendar with meetings. Full of it. Why shouldn’t the AEs get perfect meetings? When you are constantly striving to perfect that messaging across the teams and team members, that is when you have scaled those hyperpersonalised messages.

Things to bare in mind

  1. Who are the accounts i should be targeting?
  2. What is the messaging that we need to focus on? Am i relevant?

You need to buy wins and not players. To…

Why video prospecting?

To talk about Video prospecting i HAD to be in front of my camera. Yep, it was a little uncomfortable to post my first video on Linkedin. But now after a 100 videos and 6 months, its totally growing on me. Also, I thought hey! In the end, i am just having a conversation with another person and we both have something deeply in common. Sales….so why video prospecting?

I did a ton of reading from sales leaders and long story short, here are 6 points on why video

  1. Increased conversion and engagement when its an email…

Arun B.

Product, Growth & Acoustic Guitar!

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